The Future Of IT In Nursing

The world is constantly evolving and we are all moving into a new age, the digital age. Gone are the days of wired devices, of VHS tapes, and of large clunky books. The world is now in an age where you can store thousands of books, movies, and music in one tablet computer, where you can make a call from a cell phone as big as your hand, or stream your favorite TV show from the airwaves.





Automating Medication Administration

Errors in medication administration are made every day. And even with numerous guidelines and precautions in place to prevent this problem, still nurses give the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or to the wrong patient. But who can blame them? They are the front liners and at times can get really stressed. With that in mind, the future of preventing problems is in automation. Doctors would choose the medication for the patient through the computer and this will be dispensed robotically. Although still farfetched, slowly it is becoming a reality. Patients now have bar codes and so do their corresponding medications. If the information in each barcode matches, then the problem is avoided.


Robotic Surgeons

Future Of IT In NursingFully automated robots performing surgeries on patients are like something out of science fiction. It is becoming reality though. Robots are filling the operating rooms of hospitals bit by bit performing precision work. It allows the doctor to perform minimally invasive and highly precise surgery. Definitely, it will still take centuries for robots to replace surgeons. But at the very least, the precise nature of their current work allows for faster patient recovery. This also allows the nurse to provide more health education, the mainstay of the nursing profession.



The ICU is probably the most hectic place next to the ER. Patient’s codes, suddenly destabilize, and most likely can die in the ICU. Doctors have to be paged when a patient’s condition suddenly becomes critical and they have to be running like cheetahs to get from point A to point B. But with the teleICU, information is provided right at the fingertips of the physician and relayed back to the nurse in the ICU through the airwaves. Each ICU will have its own telemetry devices for the doctor to monitor from afar with his tablet device and its own camera for the doctor to see what is going on. Moreover, the teleICU will be a much more efficient and less crowded place as multiple doctors can see the bigger picture from multiple places. Our current technology is assisting nurses making their work easier and more accurate. Nursing jobs becomes easier and less stressful.

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