The Top Reasons People Decide To Be An RN

There are so many kinds of courses, which one can choose from after graduating from high school. From business related courses to medical related degrees – anyone has a variety of degrees to choose.

Above all, of the courses readily available, one of the most in demand is nursing degree. Almost half of graduating high school students opts to be a nurse as their profession.

You probably wonder why there are a lot of people choosing to be a registered nurse over other professions. Well, there are so many reasons that you can find. Some could be monetary while some are about helping others.

Have a Decent Earning Job

At the present time, one of the highest paying jobs includes those in the medical field which include nurses. Here and there, nurses are paid more than most professions.

This is because nurses deal with health and the patients’ welfare. Nurses are well equipped when it comes to aiding sickly people. They know the things to do in certain situations and are well rounded on first aid.

With this, it is a must that nurses are paid well.

Nursing Jobs are Abundant Anywhere

Nurses are needed wherever you are. Whether you are in your own country or overseas, there are medical facilities, companies, and hospitals that are in need of nurses to assist them.

If you are a nursing graduate, you can be assured that you will get a job wherever you are.


A nursing graduate is sure to have a job upon completion of his or her education. But then, more to the money one can earn is the fulfillment of helping in the treatment of patients.

By being a nurse, you are given the opportunity to help others when they are in pain. You also are given a chance to show compassion to others.

A Nurse Gets Many Rewards

More often than not, these nurses are given special privileges as health workers. Among these benefits or rewards, include:

  • Free dental services
  • Free or discounted health services
  • Sign in bonuses and additional incentives on great services
  • Nurses are given different shifts or offs, which is very useful in a lot of ways.

You see, being a nurse has so much benefit that one can take advantage. This is the reason why so many people opt to become a registered nurse and serve others while earning.

If you plan on becoming a nurse, you can always enroll at a nursing school or even an online nursing degree which is readily available over the internet

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