Three Nursing Career Paths You Need To Think About

Do you want to become a nurse someday? Because of the high demand of nurses all over the world, nursing colleges and institutions have given nursing students different options to pursue their career. There are three nursing paths, which you can choose to take and each training program has its own advantage and disadvantages.

The first one is taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN. Most aspiring nurses choose this path because it is the most ideal if you want to become a professional nurse. The BSN takes four years to finish and it is lengthier than the other nursing training programs. The best part about this degree is that the training program is complete. This program is very comprehensive and it aims to prepare any nursing student to handle different situations and settings. Students are trained to handle any environment as well. Most employers look for nurses with a BSN degree because these nurses have all the skills needed. Moreover, one can pursue a master’s degree once he has graduated with a BSN.

The next nursing career path to choose is to take the Accelerated BSN degree. This is actually a fast track course to nursing and it will just take a year or a little more. There are certain prerequisites before you can apply for this training program. Prerequisites will depend on the nursing college you plan to enroll. This training program is rigorous because of the compressed time frame. Imagine studying everything in a 4-year BSN degree in just a year. Nonetheless, all the hard work will pay off since you will have your BSN degree afterwards.

The third nursing career path is getting an Associate Degree in Nursing. It will only take 2-3 years to finish this training program. Subjects are less compared to the BSN nursing program. All graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX, which is the ultimate stepping-stone in nursing careers. This is the faster and easier path to starting a nursing career and most schools offer this.

What do you think is the right one for you? If you want comprehensive training, getting the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is the best. If you are planning to shift careers, the Accelerated BSN degree will be best, as it will cut your studying time in half. If you want to start your nursing career earlier, an Associate Degree in Nursing will be best.

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