Transcultural Nursing And How Nursing Is Adapting To Globalization

Have you ever heard of transcultural nursing? The term sounds complex but it really is not. Transcultural nursing is described to a mid-level theory of nursing that explains the success of health care delivery. Transcultural nursing states that health care delivery can only be optimal if it matches the culture of the patient. This is due to the belief that the sickness, health, and cure of the patient are defined culture as well as physiology and medicine. This leaves nurses learning about cultural healthcare delivery to make sure they do not do anything harmful to the patient.

A simple lack of knowledge even if the nurse has the best intention can harm the patient fundamentally. If the nurse is unaware, she might exercise a cultural taboo on the patient, which can stir trouble. Because of this, transcultural nursing is proposing that in order to provide true healthcare, it should be provided within the context of the culture of the patient. There is a belief that the cause of the disease and recovery from this disease has a lot to do with the place the patient returns to.

Moreover, transcultural nursing promotes adaptation and continuous learning among nurses. Since patients come from different background and races, this should make them aware and more sensitive about the treatment to be given to the patient. Not everyone has the same beliefs. Transcultural nursing aims to broaden cultural perspective, which empowers nurses to apply flexible and multiple methods of caring to patients.

One of the theorists of transcultural nursing is Madeleine Leininger. She believes that the universal human condition is traced from a given culture and nursing practices should be able to trace this path. Simply put, optimal nursing care can only be given if the nurse knows how to care for patients from different cultures. This cannot be done by just reading books. Gaining experience is a must and this is what transcultural nursing is promoting. With more understanding of other cultures, nurses can be more understanding of what the patient is going through.

In the modern world today, the theory of transcultural nursing is becoming more relevant. Succumbing to globalization, more and more societies and countries are becoming diverse and multicultural. Each culture has its own beliefs and conceptions and these cultures have their own qualifications of a nurse and about health care. Ignorance is not an excuse especially when it comes to health care. As a nurse, do your part in studying other cultures too. After all, your primary duty is to provide optimum health care to any patient you are assigned to.

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