What Can You Do As A Nurse To Protect Yourself From Legal Claims?

The practice of nursing can be very challenging at times. It can be demanding physically, emotionally, and mentally. And yet, nurses are still expected to perform at the best of their ability. Nurses who are able and competitive provide quality healthcare service. As this might be the case, there are times when nurses are being sued because of a real or perceived violation on their work ethic. It is not a pleasant experience when someone sues you. It can be traumatic and at the same time stressful. Therefore, as a nurse, you have to know and do the things that will save you from legal claims.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from legal claims is to know the scope of your practice. To know your responsibilities and accountability will surely help you to set the boundaries of your profession. It is true that every practice, area, State, or country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to the practice of nursing. It is therefore important that you know the protocols and standard of practice.

The next thing that you should do is to have the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective nurse. It is very hard to expect a nurse to be safe from legal claims without the right training and education. Do not settle with just having the minimum requirements to practice nursing. Opt to have more knowledge, skills, and experience. Grab every opportunity to enhance your competency by attending seminars, symposiums, and career enhancement classes.

Another thing that you should do to avoid being sued is to document every procedure properly. The progress notes or nurse’s notes can serve as a legal document that will be presented in the court. It will be strong evidence that can even win cases.

Most nurses commit mistakes when they administer medication. These errors can be avoided if a nurse follows the standard procedure, which includes checking the medicine three times. Such duties include checking by the time it was taken from the storage, when it is prepared, and when it is administered.

As a nurse, you must not be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear. It is better to be safe than sorry at the end. Knowing your rights as a medical practitioner can also help you avoid legal claims. The most important element in nursing practice is good judgment. Since every situation is unique, it is a must that you weigh every situation and think about the outcome of your action.

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