What Do Nurses Dislike About Their Jobs?

In the real world, not everyone will have a job that he or she really like. It is unfortunate that some people had to be forced or had no choice but to pursue a career they do not like. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those people who pursue the things they love to do even if they do not earn much. Which one will you be?

Being a nurse is not all fun. Not because you get a high salary and great benefits, you will be happy about your job. At first, having a high salary is motivating but over time, this reason will not suffice anymore. As people get older, they look for meaning in their life and sometimes, the nursing profession does not fulfill them anymore.

Today, there are nurses that do not like their jobs. There are many reasons why a nurse would dislike his/her job. Maybe they made a wrong decision to become a nurse to begin with or the demands are simply too much to take. Nurses work closely with patients and they work for a company. The follow orders and will do the best they can to attend to all patients.

Nurses who dislike their job complain about the heavy demands of their job. The challenge is not what gets to them but it is how patients treat them. Sometimes, there will be 5 patients who will call for your help and they all expect that you come to their aid immediately. These 5 patients will have different cases and health conditions and you have to make a choice on who to attend first. What the other patients do not know is that there are also other emergencies, which you will have to prioritize.

There are also doctors that are mean to nurses and think very low of them. This is certainly not a motivating atmosphere for some nurses. There are nurses who complain about managers because of high expectations from patient reviews. They reprimand the nurse because of their performance based on what patients say but these managers are not there to observe every day. Patients will write anything they want, as they do not know what is going on in other rooms as well.

Nurses are very important workers in this world. Can you just imagine what will happen if all nurses have given up on demanding patients and doctors? The thing that they dislike most about their job is that they are not given as much credit as they deserve. Not because they work for patients means patients can treat them with disrespect. In fact, it should be the other way around.

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