What Is Forensic Nursing?

Nursing is a broad field of study that is why there are so many sub-fields and sub-specialties under this field. One of the popular specializations and fast growing fields in nursing is forensic nursing. Although this field is relatively new compared to other specialized fields in nursing, forensic nursing is becoming more in demand today especially with the growing population and the increasing need for security and law enforcement services. Although forensic nursing is a medical field, most of the work is connected to crime solving and investigation. This is why forensic nursing is both considered as health care and law enforcement profession.

Forensic nursing is a field of study that involves investigation and solving of crimes and other legal matters using the art and science of nursing. Forensic nurses provide physical and emotional care for their patients but investigate as well by collecting and discovering evidences related to health situation. Forensic nursing can be a very delicate and meticulous job since you provide the necessary health services for the victims of various crimes but you also need to be attentive for possible evidences and proofs related to their health condition that can be used for the investigation and solving of crimes.

Forensic nursing program was first established in 2002 in order to educate and train nurses in providing health services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and pediatric trauma. With the increasing demand for their services, nurses discovered that they can also take part and help with the legal matters and the investigation through their jobs. With their expertise, they can identify real evidences, which may help solve various crimes related to their line of work.

Forensic nurses can work in various fields due to the wide application of their knowledge and expertise. Forensic nurses can work in correctional facilities to provide health services for those people who are detained by the court. They can also work as forensic clinical nurse specialist and work in psychiatric forensic units, death investigations, sexual assault investigations, and in emergency rooms. Forensic nurses can also provide special care for elders who are victims of abuse and exploitation. They can work as forensic gerontology specialists and work in hospitals, nursing facilities for the elders, and other institutions or organizations dedicated for the elderly care. If you are into legal matters, you can also work as a legal nurse consultant and aid lawyers with civil cases connected to medical and health practices.

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