What You Need To Do To Become A Forensic Nurse

The nursing career can be improved from being a registered nurse.  More often than not, most think that being a registered nurse is the ultimate goal.  But in truth nurses can move up higher in the nursing ladder with a nursing specialization through certification or master’s degree.  There are many fields that a nurse can focus on and one of them is forensic nursing.  Forensic nursing is newest addition to the nursing specializations you can choose to pursue.

As forensic nursing is a specialization, it is essential to start with a nursing degree and become a registered nurse.  Registered nurses need to take up a bachelor’s degree in nursing then get hold of a license.  From there, you can be exposed to the work of a forensic nursing when assigned to the emergency room.  Victims usually go immediately to the emergency area of a medical facility. As a forensic nurse, you assure the victim that you can be trusted and will able to provide care to the patient.  This is critical as some victims who are traumatized can close up and may have difficulty in telling the story.

To have better credentials as a forensic nurse, you can opt to get a certification.  To be a Certified Forensic Nurse or CFN, the minimum requirements are three years experience of being a registered nurse and forty contact hours in the forensics area.  Other than the experience and contact hours, a fifteen-hour continuing education in forensics must also be completed.  The American Forensic Nurses organization also provides training to aspiring forensic nurses.  Both training and certification is not necessary when working under a supervised forensic nurse post.   But the credentials will be good for career advancement.

Another way to become a forensic nurse is to get a master’s degree program in forensic nursing.  This educational attainment is preferred when applying as a death investigator or legal medial expert witness in a court proceeding.  Various schools and universities offer this Master of Science in forensic nursing.

Forensic nursing may be something that is looked upon as lucrative after all the crime investigating shows that have come up.  But in reality forensic nurses are not there to be part of the glamor as opposed to what it displayed in exaggerated drama series.  It is about providing the truth to those who seek it in a scientific manner as well as legal means.  Forensic nursing may be new but it has attracted many especially those who want to work in the medical field with legal inputs.

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