Whats Great About Being A Nurse Practitioner In Your State

People often wonder whats great about being a nurse practitioner, and there are many reasons why this is true. These are Registered Nurses that have had advanced training and graduate level education allowing them to function at a higher level. They start out as nurses and go back to school to earn a graduate or doctorate degree in their chosen field.

Almost anywhere that a doctor could practice, so can a practitioner. They are found practicing in many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, prisons, schools, and other locations. They work both privately and publicly, and independently and in practices with other doctors and practitioners. In some states, they are not permitted to practice completely independent, and they need to have a physician to supervise them.

Some of the things that people may not be aware of are that these professionals have the ability to write certain prescriptions, order and interpret diagnostic tests, treat medical conditions, take care of annual checkups and sick exams. They have a lot of duties and responsibilities that are similar to a doctor.

While a doctor can practice without being required to have a specialty, or being board certified in their field, a practitioner can not. They are required to select a specialty and become board certified before they can practice. Some of the specialties that common are geriatrics, family practice, mental health, pediatrics, and many others. A practitioner can work with any age group, within the limits of their specialty.

Another option is for them to become a midwife. They perform many of the same duties as a Obstetrician/Gynecologist for female health and pregnancy care. They handle most routine prenatal and gynecological needs. They are able to handle most deliveries, however, they are usually limited to only assisting in cesarean deliveries. They will normally only handle routine pregnancies, and may need to refer a patient to an associate if they become too high-risk for them to treat. They are able to perform all of the same diagnostic and routine exams and tests as other physicians.

Another field that may be of interest to some professionals is as a nurse anesthetist. They work in collaboration with an anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia, and monitor and assess the patient during surgical and other procedures. They will look at the reason for anesthesia, the safest and most effective medication to use, and any contraindications to administration. They are also used to administer certain medications for pain management reasons.

Each state has their own rules and regulations regarding how practitioners can practice. This varies from state to state, so what can be done in one state may not be legal in another state. Some of the things that may be restricted are which prescriptions can be prescribed and procedures that can be performed without a physician assisting. Practitioners must be licensed in each state that they wish to practice. Most states make getting a license easy, usually by paying a fee and transferring it from one state to another.

Everyone has their own path to a medical career. Some people straight to medical school and become a doctor, while others become a nurse first and then go back to school to become a practitioner. That is what is so great about this profession, all of the professionals started out as nurses and learned about that aspect of patient care before moving on to treating them. They practice a holistic approach, treating every aspect of the patient, the physical, emotional, and psychological. This is just a few things about whats great about being a Nurse Practitioner.

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