Why Is It Important To Know Different World Cultures Of Nursing?

The job of a nurse is very important because they spend so much time with the patient. They are the ones who relay crucial information and observation to the primary healthcare provider. But sometimes, a nurse is exposed to other cultures that he or she might not be familiar with. This is especially true in the United States where there are various races with different ethnicity and cultural background. This is where the importance of being familiar with different cultures comes in.

There are many reasons that a nurse should be familiar with various cultures. First and foremost, each culture is unique. People grow up in different settings with different norms, beliefs, and values. If you are a nurse, you will be exposed to many cultures and it will be great if you have a general background of that particular person.

If you encounter a person, who have a culture that you are not familiar, miscommunication may take place. For example, black race tend to appreciate touch more than other cultures. You might be easily offended if they try to touch you. For you it is offensive but it is only natural for them.

Getting familiar with world cultures can significantly help you to deliver more effective healthcare service. Since you know how to approach a person using your knowledge about their culture, you can easily foster trust and rapport. Both are crucial to have the patient’s compliance with the therapeutic interventions that will be performed on them.

Getting to know world cultures can be hard. And yet, it is still harder to understand them. Sometimes, as a nurse you want to know why they are like that or what led them to behave in that way. Understanding their behavior in contrast to their culture will help you to appreciate more about the diversity human kind. This will improve your worldview and change the way you interact with other people.

Another benefit of knowing world cultures is that you will know how to treat each person. Some cultures view medical interventions in different ways. For example, one culture believes that illnesses are caused by offending their deity. In this situation, you must not impose forcefully your belief system to others but rather explain to them the scientific view without rejecting their belief head-on.

There is no denying that different cultures can be a barrier to unification of races. However, when cultures are accepted without being offensive then cultures can be used to unify different people.

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