Why We Tend To Apply Cold Compress To Sprains

Cold therapy basically entails the use of cold temperature on an injury such as a sprain or a strain to aid in relieving pain or swelling. The science behind it is that the cold temperature leads to the constriction of the blood vessels in the afflicted region thus preventing the swelling.

It has been clinically proven to work at preventing swelling and pain but all this is very reliant on how fast the ice is applied to the area after the injury takes place. The faster you do it the better.

If you are in a situation in which the ice pack is not available then the next best thing that can be used in such a situation is an instant cold compress.

An instant cold compress is simply put an average sized pack that can be carried around at normal temperatures only to be activated when necessary. When needed it will instantly turn cold . it is a very good investment for first aid kits because one does not need to carry around ice in a refrigerated container.

The obvious advantage of this can be seen when one wants to go mountain climbing, camping or any sort of activities that does not allow you to carry ice with you.

The instant cold packs are not something new to hit the market. They are just not too popular because they have to rely on the ammonium nitrate within them to set of a cascade of reactions that will lead to the cold temperatures in the pack. Ammonium nitrate can be used to make explosives and thus there is a lot of regulation that goes around obtaining it.

The costs of manufacturing these packs is therefore very high due to the strict regulations and thus the cost of the packs becomes high as well. The first ammonium nitrate free instant compress pack was made available from Nortech labs. It is called the Instakool cold pack.

Always consult a medical professional after you have had an injury as the cold pack technology are just the first step aimed at bringing some pain relief to you when it is too much to bear. If it is extra serious, you should bypass any effort to cure it yourself first and instead go straight to someone who can handle it for you.

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