Is It Worth Getting A Master’s Degree In Nursing?

Many nurses who have completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing contemplate whether to continue in getting a higher-level degree such as a master’s degree. Some nursing graduates are contented with a bachelor’s degree since they can already land a stable nursing job with it. Others are not contented and want to reach new heights in their chosen careers.

Why Is A Master’s Degree In Nursing Very Important?

The biggest benefit in earning a master’s degree in nursing is career advancement. Thousands of nurses are stuck as a registered nurse because they do not want to get a higher-level degree. Those who are courageous enough to go back to studying will benefit from the rewards of a master’s degree. Master degree holders get are rewarded with more career opportunities, more job responsibilities and a higher salary.

What Are The Career Opportunities When You Have A Master’s Degree In Nursing?

Many career opportunities will open up to master degree holders compared to bachelor degree holders. Some of the careers that require a master’s degree are college professor dietician, special education teacher, occupational therapist, advanced practice nurse and managerial positions.

When you are only a bachelor degree holder, most of the tasks involved are direct-patient care but when you earn your master’s degree, you can move to managerial and administrative positions. These positions are less demanding than caring for patients directly and yet, you earn a higher salary. If you have dreams of becoming a nursing teacher or an athletic trainer, you must have a master’s degree. This is the right degree, which will enable you to gain your license and certification.

Will Getting A Master’s Degree Worth The Effort?

In terms of career advancement and career opportunities, the answer is yes. In terms of salary, it is a big yes. It is a fact that master degree holders earn higher salary than those with less education. This goes to all professions. In nursing, master degree holders earn $1,257 a week while bachelor degree holders earn $1,025 a week. Those with an associate degree only earn $761 a week.

However, you must also consider the weight of your responsibilities as your job title is higher. You are not being paid higher just to sit around and do nothing. In fact, your superiors have more expectations of you when you hold a master’s degree. Prove them right in hiring you and your career will be a success.

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